Toorallie started out manufacturing jumpers in the nearby country town of Bombala, utilising the historic Olympia Theatre. With a massive investment in state of the art Japanese machinery, Toorallie’s first success came from pioneering the three dimensional Hi-Tec knitwear of the time. Proving hugely popular this set the brand up to expand quickly with broad brand recognition and international distribution.

In the early 2000’s manufacturing became uneconomical and the burden of debt was inhibiting performance of the brand. Without change Toorallie’s Australian manufacturing collapsed, ushering in the start of the next generation to take the brand forward.

Today Toorallie continues to specialise in designing and producing high quality Merino products. The Merino fibre remains the cornerstone of our brand and the life passion of everyone involved, including George Garnock’s sixth generation descendants Simon and Steve Smith, executive directors of the company along with Peter Small of Quality Softwools Australia since 2004.

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